You can use the "Recover" button in Decipher TextMessage to look for deleted text messages that are still in your backup files.  Any messages that are already stored in Decipher TextMessage are not displayed.  To use the Recover button do the following:

  1. Select an iOS device from the left column of the main Decipher TextMessage window.  Backups for that device will be searched, but not other backups.
  2. Press "Recover" in the upper row of menu buttons.
  3. Any messages found that are not already in Decipher TextMessage will be displayed.
  4. Check the checkbox next to the messages that you would like to copy to your clipboard.
  5. Click "Copy Checked to Clipboard." This will place the recovered messages into your computer's clipboard memory and then you can "paste" the items into a text file or word doc of your choice on your computer.

(Note: If you use the "recover" feature and no messages are shown as being recoverable then that most likely means that the deleted messages you are hoping to find are not recoverable. You can however try "forcing" a new backup (not syncing) and then try "recover" again. To learn how to "force" a new back up click here.

Recovering messages all depends on when the space taken up by the deleted messages is reused by your iPhone's software.