When users successfully recover deleted text messages with Decipher TextMessage it makes us happy! Customers then often ask us if it is possible to put these recovered messages back on to their iPhone in the messages app. Apple and their software prevents all users from being able to write data back directly into the Messages app on their phone once it has been deleted. However, here is a solution that will enable you to get the recovered text messages back on to your iPhone:

  1. Once you have saved the recovered messages from Decipher TextMessage to your computer,  select those messages and email the messages to yourself.

  2. Next, open that email directly on your iPhone and select the message content and do a "Copy." 

  3. From here, open up your NOTES app and simply "PASTE" in the message content into a new note. You'll now have the messages back on your device safe and sound!

If you don't know how to "copy" and "paste" text on your iPhone, here is how.

Copying text on an iPhone is easy. Open an email on your iPhone and tap and hold your finger on a line of text. When the magnifying glass appears, release your finger and you’ll see a highlighted area appear on the text. Use the small blue circular icons to select a range of text, then tap the Copy button. You can then paste this text into another app or text field!