When you purchase Decipher TextMessage you are immediately sent a link to download the software and also a license code.

  1. Download and install the trial version of Decipher TextMessage on your computer. Make sure you have the most recent installer and are not using an older one from the previous version of the software! The installer for Version 8 of the software is available in the email you received after purchasing. It is also available here by clicking the blue download button in this link:

    Decipher TextMessage Version 9 Installer

  2. When you install and run Decipher TextMessage you should see your iPhone listed in the left-hand column of the program. To activate a device and unlock the full version of the program for a specific iPhone, you can simply "right-click" (PC) or "control-click" (Mac) on a device and enter your license code. Once you activate an iPhone it will then appear with a green activation check mark on it.

  3.  If you install and open Decipher TextMessage however you don't see your iPhone in the left-hand column of the software, that simply means you would need to force a new backup of your iPhone via iTunes.